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Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is a refinery by-product but in recent years it has also been produced by extraction from the gas production centres themselves. It is transported by special tankers and stored in metal cylindrical tanks in liquid form.

LPG today finds application in various sectors, serving the consumer with safety and excellent quality-price ratio.

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Contact Pagratis Gas and let us know about the needs of your business or residence and we will propose the appropriate solutions to meet your needs.


Bulk LPG in a tank is one of the most modern and environmentally friendly forms of energy. By using LPG we ensure a much greater economy than oil.

Enviromental Friendly

LPG is an ecologically conscious choice for the environment as it produces less carbon dioxide per unit of thermal energy during combustion.

Low maintenance costs

LPG requires less maintenance than oil, because its combustion does not create residues which makes it an ideal choice for meeting your energy needs.

Privately owned Tanker Truck

Pagratis Gas has a state-of-the-art tanker vehicle, equipped with automatic safety locks, so that the dispensing and transportation of LPG is done safely and always in accordance with the specifications and instructions of FGAS.

Customer Service

The company Pagratis Gas is able to serve customers, either professionals or individuals on the island of Corfu, upon request regarding the quantity of LPG and the needs of each of our customers. For more information please contact us.