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A few words about LPG

LPG, more commonly known as gas, has in recent years been a major source of
the most economical and reliable alternative fuel solution for the operation of heating installations in homes and business premises.

Transmits up to


less carbon dioxide than diesel.

Advantages of

Below are some of the major advantages of LPG over most conventional fuels.

Flexibility of use in different sectors

LPG can cover practically all energy needs, i.e: Heating and cooling of indoor and outdoor spaces, hot water production, car fuel, etc.

Transport flexibility with safety

LPG is easily transported everywhere under pressure, in liquid form, stored in cylinders and in tanks of various sizes and used for domestic and commercial purposes.

Reduced maintenance costs

The lack of sulphur and therefore the absence of sulphur oxides in the flue gases allows the boiler and the chimney to be maintained and cleaned at very infrequent intervals.

Environmentally friendly material

LPG is an environmentally friendly fuel, whose use over other fuels helps to reduce the impact of climate change.

LPG Services.

Specialists in LPG.


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Here you will find more information and customer questions that may help you understand the LPG product and the services we offer at Pagratis Gas.

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LPG is a highly efficient energy source: it can be used for heating and cooling, both in private and commercial premises, for cooking, for industrial use, in the agricultural sector and even in fish farming.

Yes. LPG and the way it is stored and transported has many safety features, which makes it safe for the user. Combined with its excellent quality, it is a fuel that meets all consumer requirements.

The choice of LPG can bring more efficient results in heating the house, compared to other fuels, oil or electricity. According to studies, the latest models of LPG boilers offer high efficiency.

Yes. LPG has a lower price per calorific value than most fossil fuels, such as oil. The savings in heating with LPG compared to oil is 30-35%.


Is your gas tank almost

Follow the procedure below and continue to use LPG for the heating and comfort of your home or business to the fullest.

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