JETOIL Pagratis Gouvia Corfu

JETOIL Representative

At JETOIL Pagratis petrol station you will find liquid fuel for any type of car you have. JETOIL aims for low carbon emissions from vehicles, responding to the global demand for lower greenhouse gas emissions, which is also the company's philosophy in line with climate change targets.

Some of the fuels you will find at JETOIL Pagratis petrol station in Gouvia area of Corfu island are the following:

A few words about the fuel in our service station

Supreme Gasoline

It is the new technology petrol that keeps your car's engine clean, protecting it from damage, while at the same time offering top performance and fuel economy, thus reducing maintenance costs from the first fill-up. We thus achieve the best possible results in all petrol engines.

Premium Diesel

The enhanced diesel that turns your engine into a super hero. JETOIL's Premium Diesel for unparalleled performance, economy and protection of your diesel engine. The new generation of Premium Diesel additives gives an increase in cetane number, corrosion protection, reduction in power loss, improved ignition etc.

JETOIL Bonus Card - We reward your trust

Get your Bonus card immediately and earn on every transaction: 1 liter of fuel = 1 point (400 points = 5€ discount on your next purchase!) plus you have a quick and simple process of earning points, security of transactions, full information on your total points. Also, your participation in the program is free of charge.

Ultra High Performance Propulsion LPG

24-hour Automatic Salespoint

Ultra High Performance Propulsion LPG

24-hour Automatic Salespoint